Great leaps always start with a great story.

Artistic depictions of humanity's greatest achievementsHuman achievements pictures

Humanity's achievements, inventions and discoveries had two things in common.
Doubt and a story.

Will people sleep in stranger’s homes?

Pay over the internet?

Build a machine to automate tasks?

If you're dreaming up something amazing, wondering if it can be willed into existence, but have no idea how to get people to see your vision, join you or even simply are in the right place.

What you must be able to do

Captivate on command

Sell investors on your vision

Write & think with clarity

Motivate your team

This has hugely impacted my business and the trajectory of my life.

Casey Means, MD
Co-founder, Levels Health
Casey Means headshot
Leave with the ability to tell the biggest, boldest story in any room.

Captivate on command

With Competitive Storytelling, you'll be a master at enthralling people on a whim.

Investors, potential hires, audiences, customers, someone you meet in an elevator - you'll have a well rehearsed framework to captivate all of them with your vision of the future.

And why they have to join the movement.
Silhouette of powerful woman

Sell your vision in any round

    The best founders don’t sell products. They sell worlds. Show investors what your world looks like, feels like, and smells like when your product is successful.

    This is what the best do. We'll show you how.

    How stories shape companies


    You’ll need A-level talent to build your vision. Learn how to paint such a profound, clear picture of where your company is headed that the industry's top talent will beat a path to your inbox.


    When your team is counting on you to build the future you’ve promised, the winning story is the only way to succeed.


    Venture capitalists invest in people, not pitches. With our proven strategies, get investor attention by taking them through a verbal journey of how you're way ahead of the curve.


    The blood and guts. The pain. The sweat. The tears. The agonizing founder's journey - an entrepreneur's struggle with self-doubt, mistakes, and frustration. Learn how to use yours to win hearts - and wallets - without having to think twice.

    Why our approach has raised $566MM


    Storytelling best practices are married to direct requests from investors we partner with.


    We only accept a fraction of applications. Our process is demanding, but lasting.


    SaaS, Real estate, Climate, AI. No matter your vertical, our philosophy will position you to win.

    Having my stories solidified helped me land investments that I didn't think would come.

    Clinton Buie
    Chief Investment Officer, AmateMint Group
    Clinton Buie headshot

    Investors have been floored by the approach I'm able to lead with.

    Rachel Weismann
    Founder, Potential AI
    Rachel Weismann headshot

    I could tell in the room that there were people that were sold immediately.

    Grace Brown
    Co-Founder, Andromeda
    Grace Brown headshot

    In five short weeks my speaking ability went through the roof.

    Andrew Barry
    Founder, Curious Lion
    Andrew Barry headshot

    I have a framework for my stories now that I use every single day.

    Fran Brzyski
    CEO & Co-Founder, Hark
    Fran Brzyski headshot

    It was truly transformational.

    Sylvain Reiter
    Chief Delivery Office & Co-Founder, Cyber-Duck
    Sylvain Reiter headshot

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