Without stories, founders can't raise capital, hire the best talent or win over customers.

With our coaching, you'll become a world-class storyteller who can sell your vision for the future to anybody.




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Becoming a master storyteller unlocks so many doors. Explore our process for getting you there.
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Robbie Crabtree’s obsession to revolutionize the storytelling world is what drives us at Competitive Storytelling.

What our clients say

You should run, not walk to join.

Yuliya Bel
Co-founder, Notus
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You'll wish you had taken this a decade earlier.

Andrew Bean
President, Rare Look Strategy
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If you truly want to feel transformed & learn how to speak with emotion, energy, and conviction, check out Competitive Speaking.

Prateek Sood
VP of Global Partnerships and Marketing, Mastercard
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It is singularly the most powerful piece of learning I've undertaken since finishing my degree.

Alex Vickers
Technical Vehicle Expert, Amazon
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It exceeded my expectations by tenfold.

Casey Means, MD
Co-founder, Levels Health
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It was nothing short of powerful.

Katina Mountanos
Co-founder & Chief Well-Being Officer, Daydreamers
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That ROI calculation got really easy quickly.

Travis Richards
CEO, Catco
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