Great leaps always start with a great story.

Humanity's achievements, inventions and discoveries had two things in common. Doubt and a story.

Can I really replace fire with lights? Visit the moon? Build a machine to talk with somebody across the country?

If you're dreaming up something amazing, wondering if it can be willed into existence, but have no idea how to get people to see your vision, join you or even simply listen... are in the right place.

What you'll be able to do

Captivate on command

Sell investors on your vision

Write & think with clarity

Motivate your team

This has hugely impacted my business and the trajectory of my life.

Casey Means, MD
Co-founder, Levels Health
Leave with the ability to tell the
biggest, boldest story

Your story sets you apart

Like your fingerprint, your origin story is completely unique to you. No one else on earth can tell the same one. There's a reason the best founders are called visionaries.

We help you craft and perfect your future vision story that leaves investors begging to be on your cap table.

Stories turn ideas into reality

After working with hundreds of founders and investors, we know that your ability to tell stories is the difference between those who raise and those who are forced to shut down their companies.

We make sure that the future you see turns into reality.


    Become a hiring machine

    You’ll need A-level talent to build your vision. Learn how to paint such a profound, clear picture of where your company is headed that the industry's top talent will beat a path to your inbox.

    Craft a culture of magic

    When your team is counting on you to build the future you’ve promised, the winning story is the only way to succeed. Working with us means saying goodbye to the stress and worry that you might make a mistake.Working with us means you know you’re going to win.

    Raise and then raise again

    Venture capitalists invest in people, not pitches. With our proven strategies, get investor attention by taking them through a verbal journey of how you're way ahead of the curve.

    Win hearts and wallets

    The blood and guts. The pain. The sweat. The tears. The agonizing founder's journey - an entrepreneur's struggle with self-doubt, mistakes, and frustration. Learn how to use yours to win hearts - and wallets - without having to think twice.


    Turn your company into the hottest flame in your sector that attracts top talent to build your vision.


    The modern charge card made to keep up with you.

    No spending limits. Configure your own rewards. Available Spring 2022.


    The modern charge card made to keep up with you.

    No spending limits. Configure your own rewards. Available Spring 2022.

    Why our approach works


    Storytelling best practices are married to direct requests from investors we work with.


    Our strategies never stand still. You always get bleeding edge learnings adapted to the times.


    We only accept a fraction of applications. Our process is demanding, but rewarding.


    No matter your vertical, FFP techniques will help you succeed in fundraising.