Shaping the future.
One story at a time.

Robbie's mission is give tomorrow's change-makers the speaking and persuasive skills they need to win in this ultra-competitive world.

From court to the cap table

Robbie's career as a trial lawyer in 102 jury trials and leading the national mock trial team at SMU Law School made him realize that storytelling is a superpower that opens the world's doors.

In just three years, Robbie's Performative Speaking program has shaped thousands of founders into world-class storytellers and helped them raise a combined $350 million in venture capital from legendary firms to fuel their startups. 

Leading the future of fundraising

The old style of pitching with presentation slides and generic pitch decks is dead.

The future of fundraising is Robbie's conversational storytelling, where founders show investors how they're building the future and solving real problems through passionate, thoughtful, and captivating narratives.

His goal now? Help you get the funding to bring your vision to life.

Speaker. Teacher.

Robbie mesmerizes audiences from San Francisco to Amsterdam, Miami to São Paulo. He masterfully takes your attendees on enthralling journeys, leaving them shocked with the power storytelling can have in their own lives.

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