Storytellers shape the future.

People who make history, start movements, and found trillion dollar companies are master storytellers.

We turn you into one.

Anybody can change the world with the right story.

Our relentless focus is training tomorrow's change-makers to identify, hone and evolve their own stories to start movements, inspire investors and send shockwaves across industries.

We're moving the world towards a future where you share the revolutionary vision in your head in such a captivating way that it becomes reality.

This has hugely impacted my business and the trajectory of my life.
I think about what I learned every single day.

Casey Means, MD
Co-founder, Levels Health



raised by clients using Competitive Storytelling techniques in fundraising rounds.

A selection of raises by our clients

Most of our alumni are tech, but we work with select non-tech industries too. Don't see yours here? Reach out anyways!

The formulas for selling your vision

Walk into every boardroom with confidence, charisma, and a strategy for success.

Silicon Valley's storytelling visionary

Robbie Crabtree's commitment to revolutionizing the fundraising world is what drives us at Competitive Storytelling.