Our greatest leaps always start with a story.

Human progress always starts with a story.

Your idea has traction. Now let's take it into the stratosphere.

The most successful venture-backed founders tell the biggest and boldest story

After working with hundreds of founders and investors, we know that your ability to tell stories is the difference between those who raise and those who are forced to shut down their companies.

We make sure that the future you see turns into reality.

Why our clients have raised over $330,000,000


Storytelling best practices are married to direct requests from investors we work with.


Our strategies never stand still. You always get bleeding edge learnings adapted to the times.


We only accept a fraction of applications. Our process is demanding, but rewarding.


No matter your vertical, FFP techniques will help you succeed in fundraising.

How we set you apart


Discover your unique "why"

Like your fingerprint, your origin story is completely unique to you. No one else on earth can tell the same one.

There's a reason the best founders are called visionaries. We help you craft and perfect your future vision story that leaves investors begging to be on your cap table.


Investor appeal, made easy

Our approach makes you the star.

We combine your origin story with proven frameworks to shine in every meeting you have.

You’ll be prepared to handle any question, red flag concern, or chance coffee shop meeting.


Tell stories that win

Captivate investors in first meeting and close the deal in partner meetings.

You’ll build a personal bank of automatic stories, powerful delivery techniques, and what we call "Effortless Storytelling".

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How do we know what investors want?

We partner with tier 1 venture capital firms to train their portfolio companies.

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What our clients say about us

"This program is such a solid base on how to fundraise, how fundraising works, and how VCs think.

Anything you try to do on top of that is going to be much better positioned for success because you know at the base level how these things work."

Series A founder

"The most helpful thing in getting this round closed is that now I know how growth-stage VCs work.

I know what they're looking for concretely, I know how I should appear to them, and I have a much better understanding of how to communicate the story."

Series B founder

"We had a solid vision and we had great traction but the biggest thing blocking us from closing this money was just my fundraising skill. So that's the thing that I needed to improve."

Seed stage founder

The most helpful thing for me was sending Robbie my calls and having him look at them and tell me in detail what was good, what was bad, and what could be improved near the end of the fundraise."

Series A founder

My Mission with Founders

Aspiring entrepreneurs and investors ask what makes the difference between failed startups and a successful venture-backed rocket ship.

Startups make common mistakes during fundraising that make venture capitalists uneasy.

Unfortunately, most founders don't get exposed to the skills needed until it's too late in the game and their money has run out.

My mission is to make sure world-class founders raise the venture capital they need to win in this ultra-competitive world.


Founders we work with

Most of our alumni are tech, but we work with select non-tech industries too. Don't see yours here? Reach out anyways!

Series A

Series B

Series C


Tech's preeminent storytelling coach

Robbie's career as a trial lawyer in 102 jury trials and leading the national mock trial team at SMU Law School made him realize that storytelling is a superpower that opens the world's doors.

The old style of pitching with presentation slides and generic pitch decks is dead. The future of fundraising is Robbie's conversational storytelling, where founders show investors how they're building the future and solving real problems through passionate, thoughtful, and captivating narratives.

His goal now? Help you get the funding to bring your vision to life.

Robbie Crabtree, FFP founder

Meet the FFP team

Robbie Crabtree
Emmy Sobieski, CFA
Sean Connors