What our alumni are saying

"Speaking well is something that sets apart a good and an exceptional founder. You should run, not walk to join."

Yuliya Bel
Co-founder, Notus

"No matter what stage of life you're in, you'll wish you had taken this a decade earlier."

Andrew Bean
President, Rare Look Strategy

"If you truly want to feel transformed & learn how to speak with emotion, energy, and conviction, check out Competitive Speaking."

Prateek Sood
VP of Global Marketing, Mastercard

"It is singularly the most powerful piece of learning I've undertaken since finishing my degree."

Alex Vickers
Technical Vehicle Expert, Amazon

"Competitive Speaking has the unique capability of being able to balance tactical workshops with community building."

Andy Rapista
Program Manager, Notion for Good

"It was nothing short of powerful."

Katina Mountanos
Co-founder & Chief Wellbeing Officer, Daydreamers

"When I think about the impact of being able to make more meaningful connections with other people, that ROI calculation got really easy."

Travis Richards
CEO, Catco

"It exceeded my expectations by tenfold."

Casey Means
Co-founder, Levels Health